Thursday, 13 July 2017

Cheaters Never Prosper ... Or Do They...?

If you follow me on @instagram where you’ll find me as @todayiprimed, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I’m not the most patient of people. I’ve never been good at waiting around and I suppose that’s part of the reason why I love a good prime – it means things happen – and fast.

When it comes to Prime, I've clearly got issues

I’m the same when it comes to most aspects of my life. Generally, if something needs to be done, it needs to be done yesterday, though since having kids I’ve really had to learn to relax on this front a little. And also for the sake of the husb, too; you may laugh with/at me on @insta but can you imagine what it’s like to live with me?! The man deserves a medal.

Though I have tried to slow down the pace at times, there’s no doubt that family life often means a hectic life and I’m all for tips and tricks to help in this department – if I can sort out the stuff around me fairly simply, it means I’ll surely have more time to spend with my loved ones or perhaps get stuck in to a great book (read: catch up on Love Island, scroll through insta, prime yet more stuff I don’t need on amazon). 

As it goes, we’re a fairly sociable family – I’d say this comes more from the husb than I, but we both love having people over for food, drinks and the like. This sometimes means around five families, with at least two kids each, all over for lunch on the weekend. You do the maths – it’s quite a number.  That being said, we both love to cook (though I am by no means, how shall I put it, highly skilled) and we’ll often both contribute to the grub – but he’s always been much, much more relaxed about it than me. Though I love entertaining on the day, I always get flustered before – there’s usually a mini-meltdown about the shopping and without fail a fit of hysteria about when OH WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE THIRTY SECONDS TO ACTUALLY COOK ANYTHING?!?!?!

And so, I’ve decided, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and tell myself to, pardon the cliché, take a flippin’ chill pill. There’s no need to go overboard with amounts and recipes. Now, I’m all about keeping it simple and quick. So I thought I’d introduce you to some recipes that have made entertaining that bit easier – they require minimal activity on your part (and perhaps a little bit of cheating here and there) and are about as far from cordon bleu that you can imagine but they’ve helped me so hopefully, they’ll be of use to you too. Today, I’ll be starting with Chinese-style Turkey Pancakes - cheat's style.

Duck and pancakes has to be one of my favourite dishes of all time - but this dish uses turkey instead of duck, which is much cheaper (and also much better for you, apparently) and anything that is kinder to my wallet is most welcome in my kitchen. It tastes just like duck once its crisp and your guests may well not spot the difference.

You will need:

2 turkey drumsticks
1 bottle of hoisin sauce (and an extra bottle to use for serving)
2 cucumbers
2 bunches of spring onions
1-2 packs of Chinese style pancakes (available from most supermarkets)
Yup, that is IT.

(serves 4 as a starter - generously!)

What you need to do:

Stick the turkey legs in a pan and bring them to the boil. You might need a couple of pans for this as they can be pretty hefty. Add a sprinkle of salt. Once they’re boiling, turn down the heat and simmer for approximately 2/2 and a half hours (literally, nothing needs to be done other than maybe check on them once or twice.) Next, preheat the oven to 200C/ fan 180C. Remove drumsticks from pan and shred the meat from the bone. It should fall away very easily. Spread the meat out onto an oven tray and pour over the bottle of hoisin sauce (to be fair, this part is a little bit more active but in essence, you’re just flaking some meat, putting it on a tray, chucking some sauce from a bottle over it and then shoving it in the oven. If I can manage, so can you). Bake for around 30-45 minutes, turning the meat over occasionally, until crispy. Chop up cucumbers and spring onions for serving, along with pancakes and hoisin sauce.

The finished result should look a little something like this

And there you have it - all you actually need to do now is eat! Quick, simple, affordable and bizarrely impressive every single time. It may be that cheaters never propser, but I like to think that they make a mean (pretend) duck pancake...!

I hope you enjoy and let me know how you get on.

Sophie x


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