Tuesday, 4 July 2017

When It's Time To (Re)Think Pink

I’m going to level with you right from the start, just so we’re all on the same page here: I hate pink. Ok, perhaps hate is a little bit extreme – but I really, really, REALLY don’t like it very much. Now, I do wear it myself here and there (for my birthday I got a fabulous pink metallic midi-skirt from And Other Stories and it’s up there as one of my current favourite wardrobe items) but when it comes to my kids – particularly, my eldest, Tamara – it’s a shade that I’ve avoided from her birth like a bout of leprosy. By the time Alice was born, I think I was simply too tired to give details like this much thought.

The much-adored pink skirt from @andotherstories

But yes, back to Tamara. When she was born, I didn’t want pink anywhere. I painted her room turquoise. All her baby grows were neutral. I dressed her in some seriously dubious outfits that led to her being mistaken for a boy at times. Of course, I knew that a slight injection of a pinky hue would be the obvious means through which to avoid such happenings but, quite frankly, I didn’t really care. I was that mum, with a girl, who didn’t want anything pink around. ANYWHERE. WHATSOEVER.

The Turqouise Nursery (we actually did this twice - once when Tamara was born and we were living in our flat and then again when we moved into our house)

Though our children grow up, don’t they? Somewhere between hanging them upside down to induce a burp in the middle of the night and sending them off on their first day of nursery, they start to develop minds of their own. Likes and dislikes that are theirs – not ours. And lo and behold, what do you think is my now four-year-old’s greatest love of all (above even Elsa and Moana)? Yes, you guessed it – PINK. Which meant that when it came to decorating her new bedroom I had some serious thinking to do. The turquoise of her very first room was not going to cut the mustard anymore. The lilac colour for bedroom number two that I had chosen as a compromise was an absolute NO. It was – much to my total and utter dismay – time to (re)think pink.

I struggled at the beginning. But my daughter is the kind who knows what she wants (yup, she’s definitely mine) and the fact is, I couldn’t really figure out on what basis I could deny her having a pink room. Somewhere along the way as a parent, you’ve got to let your children make their own choices. And so I began to look around for inspiration – a pink room that wasn’t too, errr, pink.

Not long into my research, I came upon this photograph from @themodernnursery on Instagram – and it quickly became my go-to picture. Yes, it’s undeniably a pink room – but it’s fresh, not overly girly and how can you not love a wall sticker? I promptly ordered some packs – along with some silver unicorns for Alice’s bedroom and felt I was well on the road to the room of Tamara’s dreams.


Unsurprisingly, I made mistakes along the way – the main one being the paint colour. I wanted a pink paint that wasn’t actually pink, I told the gentleman in the paint shop. I thus shouldn’t have been that surprised when I arrived to a bedroom that looked like it had been smeared with the insides of a salmon carcass. Hideous is an understatement – the builders even questioned it as they painted it on because it was so bloomin’ horrible but when they called me to check the name of the colour, I confirmed that yes, it definitely was correct. Of course, upon seeing it (and almost heaving because it was so sickening) I swiftly replaced it with a colour that I was very happy with – Calamine by Farrow and Ball. It’s definitely pink – but in some lights it looks quite grey and in others, more of a white and it just works. A total hit. Thank goodness.

After the paint and the stickers came the accessories. Yup, some of them are pink but they’re quite modern looking which I think helps. I love the dream sign (also @themodernnursery) and this gorgeous fairy door from @magicallittleworldltd. I’d have these cloud wall lights from @fermlivingkids on my walls and the pink heart rug (see photos right at the bottom) – ok, it’s a little naff but I knew she’d love it.

Paint is Calamine by Farrow and Ball. Glittery gold Dream sign is from @themodernnursery
I couldn't resist this little fairy door from @magicallittleworldltd

LOVE these wall lights from @fermlivingkids - and the colour is perfect!

And there you have it – a VERY pink and VERY girly room, as you will see from the photos below. Yet, somehow, I don’t mind it at all and actually, I think it works in our new home. There isn’t pink anywhere else in the house - other than my skirt - but this is my eldest’s perfect slice of pink heaven. She adores her bedroom and can be found here most of the time. So, all in all, I’m glad I listened to what she wanted because when she opened the door to see it, I truly don’t think she’s ever been happier. And as a mum, what more could you want than that?

Sophie x

#pinkheaven (dressing up rack is from @great_little_trading_co)

Delighted with these wall stickers from @themodernnursery

I managed to keep a green chair in there #smallvictories


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