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Hello and welcome to todayiprimed…and other stuff! My name is Sophie but you might know me better as @todayiprimed – the person behind that somewhat peculiar instagram account about one woman’s very dangerous addiction to amazon prime. Hey, there are definitely worse addictions (though I don’t know if the husb would agree).
I was born and raised in North West London where I still reside today. Except now I’m married and have two daughters – Tamara (3) and Alice (1). Which often seems very strange to me as most of the time, I still feel about sixteen year’s old.
I’m an avid reader and have always loved to write – though I never really imagined focusing my writing on my amazon prime problems, which I began doing on instagram at the end of last year. This began very much in jest after the husb suggested I document the phenomenal number of boxes arriving on our doorstep on a frighteningly regular (read: daily) basis. And so I did.
That was around six months ago. Given my passion for the written word and the fact that despite my somewhat lengthy instagram captions, I am often left feeling that I still have more to say (how on earth is that actually possible, I suspect you might be thinking), I’ve decided to become a fully-fledged cliché and start a BLOG.
So here, you’ll continue to find out a bit more about my priming experiences as well as a fair bit of other stuff too. I could take this cliché to the next level entirely and call this a ‘lifestyle blog’ but instead, please assume that generally, ‘other stuff’ will be things that I just want to share with you (please note – I am an expert in absolutely nothing but interested in pretty much everything). So, probably a bit of a mish mash but we’ll figure it out together as we go. Because, hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Thanks for stopping by!
Sophie x

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